• We are Perth-based Architects with an established design-focus and broad experience with commercial office, industrial, urban, mixed-use, hospitality and residential projects. We deliver compelling and creative design solutions inspired by in-depth understanding of our client’s requirements and we diligently manage the whole process with our quality assurance and administrative work practices. We are always concerned about our client’s experience of our service and the environmental, moral and social sustainability of our designs.

  • Our design principle is to find the essence of the project and represent it as a singular idea. At the heart of our business is the desire to inspire people through architecture to become conscious of a greater meaning and purpose by connecting with the built environment and with an awareness of the natural environment. We call this aspiration ‘temple realisation’, and it is at the heart of our service.

  • If this design essence is nurtured with integrity throughout the process, then innovative and great architecture will emerge.  The result goes beyond the provision of space and shelter and connects people to a sense of meaning and insight. Architecture is an integral part of how people choose to live and interact with the world and we strive to provide services that positively add to the human experience and respect our planet.


Our Team

Wayne Dufty


Wayne is passionate about all aspects of design and the business of architecture, its impact on our environment and the urbanity of our cities.

His desire is to create positive experiences in people’s lives through sustainable and inspirational architecture.

Wayne is an experienced Director level Architect able to provide imaginative, innovative designs that are fresh and provocative. His management style is team orientated and he loves working with clients and co-creators. He straddles the analogue and digital ages and is comfortable doing hand-drawn sketches, digital technologies and BIM.

Wayne is motivated by good design outcomes backed by his career experience which spans; residential, industrial, hotel and hospitality, commercial, retail, community, urban design and masterplanning projects.

He has worked with most client and project types over a continuous 28 years including 15 years with two RAIA Gold Medal winning practices in Perth, London and Sydney.

With significant architectural experience Wayne is fired up with enthusiasm to make a positive contribution and collaborate with like-minded professionals who value good business and design outcomes.